Are Introverts Really Thriving During the Pandemic?

The answer might surprise you

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

I’m sure that at this point, everyone has seen the memes on Instagram and Facebook where introverts proudly proclaim our time has come.

Some say their lives haven’t changed one bit as they prefer to be alone anyway whereas others express that they’re glad to finally escape social gatherings without having to make up ridiculous excuses.

However, seven months into the global pandemic, much has changed and it’s safe to say that staying at home isn’t the paradise introverts imagined it to be.

Losing the Joy of Solitude

It is a well known fact that introverts love solitude. They use it to recharge, dedicate time towards their hobbies or simply entertain themselves by binge-watching TV shows or YouTube videos. However, the pleasure of solitude is lost when it is imposed upon you and no longer remains a choice.

It’s like the feeling you get when you’re about to do dishes willingly and then someone instructs you to do the dishes. Suddenly, you don’t want to do them anymore.

Work From Home Isn’t as Magical as it Seemed

It’s funny how different our view of work-from-home was pre-Covid. The idea of not having to get ready for work or travel everyday seemed too good to be true and we imagined working from the comfort of our own homes to be a stress free experience. Oh, how things have changed.

The line between work and personal hours has begun to blur, employees are being overloaded, fixed working hours don’t exist anymore and the meetings never seem to end. Working from home now seems like a nightmare.

Being Alone With Negative Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong with introspection, but as they say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Introverts tend to overthink, so the pandemic has been particularly hard on them with negative thoughts flooding their minds.

It is no surprise then, that mental health has been on a steady decline over the past few months. 53 percent of Americans believe that their mental health has deteriorated due to the Corona-virus, a significant increase from the reported 32 percent when the question was first asked in March this year.

Messed up Sleep Cycles

Yes, people have been having trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. There are various factors currently contributing towards the disturbance of sleep cycles, such as the lack of a daily routine and prolonged exposure to screens, be it for work or entertainment.

Stress and worry due to the pandemic has also caused some people to have recurring nightmares, regarding the loss of loved ones or about worries concerning the future.

Social Gatherings on Zoom Calls

Remember how introverts naively thought that they could escape social gatherings? Well, not anymore.

People have come up with new ways to socialize, from Zoom calls to Netflix parties. In addition to this, the good old excuses that worked pre-pandemic just can’t be used anymore- everyone knows you’re at home with zero plans. Socializing has now become a compulsion…there are simply no reasons left to back out.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not having the time of their lives right now- at least not all of them. Being confined to homes has been tough on everyone, especially because we are all aware that the world outside is suffering. All we can do right now is hang tight, wait for this to pass and have faith that we will get through it. Let’s make mental health a priority, take one day at a time and adjust to the new normal until the pandemic is finally over.

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